About HannemannLund

HannemannLund Gallery was founded in 2011 and is owned by artists Mette Hannemann and Jesper D. Lund.

The gallery space is used as an exhibition room and also a studio, which makes it a very unique experience to visit. During your visit you may experience the artists in process of creating a new artwork, while other finished paintings are on display. Should you have any questions regarding one of the artwork, there is a great opportunity to ask the artist directly. Another unique experience HannemannLund offer.

HannemannLund Gallery mainly present exhibitions by Mette and Jesper. They work well together and create a good dynamic within the gallery, often changing their exhibitions. The gallery space also hold different events in relation to the artists artwork. This maintains a lovely atmosphere in the local street of Værnedamsvej.

Portraits and paintings can be ordered through the gallery. Please contact us for further information.


About Jesper D. Lund

HannemannLund painter Jesper D. Lund studied at the academy of arts in Holbæk (dk) in 1999, and the Academy of Arts in Genove. Jesper’s artwork has been shown in many galleries such as: Galerie Wolfsen (Aalborg DK), Gallery Veggerby (Copenhagen, DK), Art Copenhagen, Forum (Copenhagen, DK), The Artis’s Summer Exhibition (Tirstrup, DK) and Gallery Kirk (Aalborg, DK). In recent years Jesper has worked with nature, especially with trees as his motifs. He explores all the different transformation and possibilities that nature has. He works with different materials, colours and enjoys playing between the abstract and the naturalistic of his paintings. He has developed a unique work method, firstly by creating figurations with a special form of paste on the backside of the canvas. He then paints the front of the canvas with a very old school glue, made out of rabbit skin. Jesper uses oil paint to finish his piece of artwork “When I discovered my own work method. I started with a variety of concepts other than nature . But it made me feel very restricted. The thought that it had to look exactly like something, made me feel very limited as an artist. Take for example a house: A house should look like a house! But with nature and trees, it feels I can express freely. They begin at the bottom and from there upwards anything is possible!“ Jesper is inspired by his surroundings, which is why a few of his artworks have inspirations from the northen part of Zealand, where he has a studio and country home. He also finds creativity on his travels, which is shown in his work.

About Mette Hannemann

HannemannLund painter Mete Hannemann graduated at the Danish Design School (DK) in 1998, and at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in 1993. Her paintings have been exhibited at various galleries, such as Silvia White Gallery (New York), Kunstverein Coburg (Deutschland), Galleri Franz Petersen (Dk), Galleri Veggerby (DK), Galleri Kirk (DK) and at the spring and fall exhibition at Charlottenborg (DK).

Mette works between tradition and innovation and enjoys exploring with different techniques, colors, materials and motifs. This often contains a glimpse of past time masterpieces. Mette doesn’t hide the fact that her inspiration comes from classical painters such as Gustav Klimt, Edward Hopper and Bonnard. Her motifs range from naturalistic portraits and figurative elements to more abstract works, where the final outcome is naturally formed. Apart from painting on canvas, Mette works with Royal Copenhagen, where she has thrown herself into continuing and renewing the plate technique with airbrush and template technique. In spite of Mette’s very versatile work, she has a striking personal touch to every art piece, and a well recognized brush stroke whether it’s on paper or on porcelain. Mette is continuously working on new paintings and projects. Her most recent project is in collaboration with the jeweler Marianne Dulong. Together they have created moving mobiles, using both painting and jewelry.